90% LTV, 5/1, Need 680 score
No Mortgage Insurance
3.50% 5 yr fixed, 3.689% APR
Cash-out 65% LTV 2nd home
Foreign Nationals, $100,000 min.
Purchase, Refinance, Cash-back
FHA 30 yr fixed Need 560 score
VA/USDA 580 score 100% LTV
Investors 20 Financed Properties

Judy Hamblen, NMLS #370943, FL LO #7421

Sentrix Financial Services, NMLS #184149

Mortgage Broker

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Florida Residential Mortgage Corp., a correspondent lender, is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and can originate and broker first and second mortgage loans, both purchases and refinances, throughout Florida. Our company was incorporated in 1995 and is celebrating our tenth year anniversary. Florida Residential Mortgage employs over 20 mortgage professionals, including support personnel, and has twelve licensed professional originators on staff.

A second office is planned for central Florida in the Kissimmee/Orlando/Disney area, summer of 2005. This reflects the growing dominance of the vacation market and the strength of this particular geographical area. Ten year projected job growth for the Orlando MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) is forecast in the top 3% of all large and medium size U.S. cities, and their surrounding suburbs. Florida real estate prices were up nearly 21% last year, more than double the national average of 10.7%. Local markets such as Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Orlando-Kissimmee , and Jacksonville reported gains of 25% to 40%.

Our licensed mortgage originators are trained and well-versed in all areas of residential lending including conforming and jumbo mortgages. Broad areas of expertise include:
  • 103%, 100% financing, and Mortgages without PMI
  • First time homebuyer programs such as the $500 down program, 100% financing
  • Stated income mortgages for the self-employed and for real estate investors
  • Option Arms and Low Start Rate mortgages including the .95% monthly variable
  • Interest Only Mortgages for US borrowers and Foreign Nationals
Specialized areas of mortgage lending include:
  • Foreign National Lending and Foreign National Mortgages
  • First Mortgages for Co-ops (with as little as 10% down) and Condo-tels
  • 95% and 100% financing for borrowers with certain Visa status
Florida Residential Mortgage acts as a correspondent lender and mortgage broker for approximately 130 international, national, and regional lenders. Wholesale rates and agreements are in place and are offered to all borrowers. We are not tied to any one particular bank, and offer the specialty programs of many different lenders. Our borrowers do not pay retail rates.

Judy Hamblen, Vice-President, and a principal in the organization, has been a licensed mortgage broker with Florida Residential Mortgage since 1996. Judy has specialized in Foreign National Lending and the Option Arms , Low Start Rate and Cash-Flow mortgages since 1997. Judy is a member in good standing with the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers (FAMB) and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) and first joined these professional organizations in 1999. She subscribes to the NAMB and FAMB code of ethics, and meets all licensing and all education requirements.

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